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                                  " Steam & Process Controls

        are Proud Distributors of Richard Klinger Products

                                       in South Australia."



CUT Gaskets in Full Face, Ring & Specials :

All Sizes available - All Materials.

General Purpose, High Performance & Sealability,  Steam & Chemical applications.

Hundreds of combinations : WE HOLD STOCK IN ADELAIDE.



Spiral Wound Gaskets :

KLINGER spiral wound gaskets or SWG's,  for high temperature / pressure applications including Boilers, furnaces, autoclaves, valve, pipe & flanges. These are manufactured in Australia in a range of profiles, windings and filler materials.



Insulation Sets - for Flanges :

For isolating the flow of electric currents for cathodic production systems. Typically used on, pipe lines, tanks, ships, wharves, offshore structures, paper mills, power stations and other industrial plants.


Maxi-profile gaskets :

These type of gaskets allow high temperatures and pressures to be serviced effectively with a smaller sealing width than SWG's. They require less bolt load than traditional metal clad gaskets and are manufactured in Australia.

Metal clad gaskets are available for use in heat exchangers. these are also made in Australiausing the highest grades of soft iron, copper & stainless steel with various soft fillers.

We can also supply API approved metal Ring Type Joints ( RTJ ) gaskets. Materials include soft iron, carbon steel, 316 stainless steel and F5.  

Non Metallic Industrial gaskets:

Graphite Laminated gaskets are available in several grades, PSM, SLS and HL, to cater toyour different sealing requirements.Sheeting & Tapes are ideal for :

  • Very High / Very Low temperatures 
  • Highly corrosive and aggressive media
  • High performance engines
  • Low flange loads

PTFE : KLINGER top-chem range :

For efficient sealing versus aggressive alkali and acid applications, for maximum  " creep resistance " and low load flange applications.





Rolls, Rollettes, Full & Half Sheets.


The KLINGERsil range of sealing materials are manufactured from a combination of synthetic fibres, rubber and inorganic filler components. Research & Developement by KLINGER over many years has resulted in the wide range of specialist application materials presented in the range, which enables you to choose the most cost efficient solution. Our products, Manufactured in Australia for the Asia Pacific region, helps ensure a close understanding of market requirements and quick response times.

Types include : C4243, C4400,C4408,  C4430, C4500, C6327, C8200. Topgraph 2000 & 2008,Topchem 2000,2003, 2005 & 2006, Soft-Chem, Virgin PTFE, Duplex, PSM. Cork MR-31 and MR-50, ACN60 and NP30, 40 & 50 Natural Rubber, NRI.




The KLINGER range of pump packings offer a comprehensive choice of features to suit a wide variety of applications where a highly effective, long life seal is required. The " Klingerlock " braiding process assures resilience & extended retention of lubricants extending packing service life. We also have a range of die moulded graphite packings & packing sets which faciltate easy installation and possitive sealing. Specialised products include ; Low emmisions sets, Soot blower sets and Pre-cut sets.

We can supply, packing cutting tools, flexible packing extractors and replacement tips.

Types include : K10, K11, K12, K25, K36, K44, K49, K55, K3222, K4322, K54F, K54H, K4307, K4330, K4333.



KLINGER Threadseal Tape :  Allows for easy sealing of threaded pipe ends, equipment & fittings.Available in a general industry grade, AGA approved "yellow" gas tape, and "pink" plumbers tape

KLINGER Sealex : " Gasket off the roll " Incorporates the convenience of threadseal tape with the application abilities of the PTFE sheeting gaskets. It is provided on a " soft "roll and easily forms to the shape & design of the flange or sealing surface.



AB12 Gauge - Level Mounts :

Complete mount sets available in 1/2" & 3/4"

Left or Right Hand,  Screwed or Flanged connection, and all mount spares are available, along with a wider range of " Boiler Spares ".

Level Gauges :

As inventors of reflex glass, Richard Klinger retain world market leadership and have more experience than any other manufacturer in level gauges, PLEASE put that history to your advantage with your enquiry.

There are five types of level gauges in the KLINGER range, many with international approvals : 

  • Bi-colour.
  • Magnetic.
  • Glass tube.
  • Reflex glass.
  • Transparent glass.

KLINGER gauge glasses feature :

  • Exceptional mechanical strength.
  • High thermal shock resistance.
  • High temperature capacity



Borosilcate Glass : extra hard - with low thermal expansion coefficient

Available in maximum 2.meter lengths

or Cut to order, with fused ends.



Boiler Kits : Standard HP sizes or Made to Order.                                                 

These kits are industry standard boiler capacities e.g. 10, 15, 20, 25 , etc. horse power sizes.  

We can " construct a kit " to suit your needs, and include any combination of spares, with a historic record of your purchase, we can then, at next service, repeat your request without " redesigning the wheel " every year. 



" Boiler - Boss " Rubber Gaskets :

Hand hole & Man hole Door Seals.

HELD IN STOCK in ADELAIDE, sizes include : 41/2" x 31/2" : 7" x 5" :  9"x 7" : 16" x 12".




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