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Heat Exchangers : Designed, Engineered and Manufactured to order.



Steam & Process Controls range of Heat Exchangers enables us to offer solutions for all branches of Industry. One of the most common types is :

  • Brazed Plate Exchangers, consisting of pressed stainless steel plates, brazed with copper, under a vacuum process, these  plates produce two seperate flow paths in which TWO media flow in opposite directions. Plate contours generate high turbulencewhich  promotes very efficient heat exchange, even at low rate.

Typical Applications include; HVAC & REFRIGERATION.

  • Central Cooling
  • Tap Water Heating
  • Swimming Pool Heating
  • Heat Recovery - Heat Reclaim
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Combined Heat & Power Generation plants 
  • Secondary Systems - glycol / water - presure breaker - under floor heating - ceiling cooling
  • Machine or Oil Cooling
  • Evaporator
  • Condenser
  • Liquid sub-cooler
  • Economiser
  • Desuperheater








A wide range of standard or "engineered specific application" products are available, with complete piping system layout design assistance available. All Metallic expansion joints are locally manufactured, so NO " long leadtimes ". Types include

  • Single unrestrained joints, flanged or weld ends
  • Double unrestrained, flanged or weld ends
  • Multiply Exhaust Joints & Vibration Eliminators
  • Single ply Gas Ducting Joints.
  • Externally Pressurised Joints, Single & Double
  • Tied Expansion Joints, Single & Double
  • Hinged & Gimbal Joints, Single & Double
  • Double Pressure Balanced Elbow Expansion Joints
  • Square & Rectangular Expansion Joints







Flexible Rubber joints :  Sizes up to 500NB & Both screwed and flanged types.Single & Double sphere.

  • Absorb vibration, correct misalignment and allow for expansion & contraction in pipelines.Standard Neoprene bodies ( other materials are available ), with cord reinforcement, Paired flanged ends or "Mixed End types" are available.
  • Applications include pump suction & discharge, compressor lines, water recirculation, gas lines and many more.

Pipe repair couplings :  Two basic types.

  • An UNLIMITED range of applications include, Industry, Water, Fuel, Gas, Building & Construction, Sludge, VentillationShipbuilding & Seawater - Offshore.
  • 26.9mm to 2000mm diameters
  • -20deg.c to +100deg.c
  • 16 to 67 bar applications

Hose assemblies :  Made to order, Stainless Steel or Teflon hoses , with s/s braid and all types of end connections, including welded, screwed or flanged.

  • Brass, carbon steel or stainless steel ends.
  • 8nb to 150nb diameters 
  • Lengths made to order, Although some standard lengths on hand in Adelaide stock.




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